Welcome to the Finest Western cuisine restaurant of Hangzhou. Le Restaurant is an Italian and French cuisine restaurant. The menu is handpicked from the best of the western world. Le Restaurant offers a quiet and delectable dining experience for the weary traveler. Le Restaurant offers a quiet and truly romantic setting for the real showcase. An evening of exquisite experiences. Le Restaurant open in December 2012 and quickly gained popularity among expats and travelers alike. The restaurant design is understated and the attention is to the experience and food.

Some of the favorites are the Ceaser Salad, Salad Nicoise, Fried Camembert, Fried Goose Liver with Caramelized Mandarin Oranges,Roast Beef Tenderloin with Roast Gravy,French Lamb Chops with Roasemary Sauce, Pasta Bolognese and of course The Pizza... Le Restaurant - Pizza The art of real pizza is truly an experience not to miss. Le restaurant boasts an artisanal wood fired pizza oven. The subtle smoky flavour, melting mozzarella and friends, that’s the definition of an awesome pizza. Come and experience the true Italian pizza.

By the way we are closed on mondays!!

Outdoor deck in Spring

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The Outdoor Deck at Le Restaurant (shenanbei)

Spring is beautiful. Enjoy the beauty of spring on our outdoor deck. The view is just beautiful.

Pizza's gaining popularity in Hangzhou

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Over the last year a plethora of restaurants have popped up in Hangzhou and the most notable of them all are the international cuisine restaurants, not as many as Shanghai, but it seems that we are headed in the right direction. Notably in the last year itself we have new Italian Restaurants, French Restaurants, Spanish Restaurant, Portuguese restaurants.

But the peoples favorite is the Italian restaurant specifically because it fits so well with chinese peoples palate. The French and Spanish restaurant are expensive in Hangzhou.

The Italian pizza is becoming a staple. But gone are the days when there were a handful restaurants in malls serving expensive and unappetizing pizzas. As time passes the people realize and understand the pizza better. A wood fired oven pizza is the now considered a real pizza much like the rest of the world.

hangzhou restaurant best restaurant pizza

The competition for the title of THE BEST PIZZA IN HANGZHOU is heating up. There are now a handful of restaurants which do serve a wood fired pizza. but mostly located in malls and so. But a good hand-rolled brick oven oven pizza is still somewhat rare. At le restaurant (Hangzhou Restaurants) we serve the best pizza. And the setting is spectacular. We are not located in a mall, our restaurant is nestled in the mountains. The restaurant offer grand views. But dont worry its not out of the city. A 10 minute walk from the west-lake and viola you are here.

Best Creme Brulee In Hangzhou

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When it comes to desserts there are few which have stood the rest of time. Creme Brulee is one such sumptious and beautiful dessert. It is just fantastic but beyond that it invokes nostalgia in most of us of times when we were all kids, out with our parents for dinner. A time of laughter and fun.

At Le restaurant by Shenanbei (the best international/italian restaurant in Hangzhou, China), we are proud to present the latest addition to our menu. The creme Brulee. Cream and Madagascar vanilla infused into a cup of perfection. Break the crust of caremlized sugar into a world of silky smooth pudding.

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